Air Mouse

Air Mouse 2.0

A program that allows you to control your mouse and keyboard from your iPhone

Mobile Mouse is one of the most useful applications out there for iPhone and iPod Touch. Its primary function is to allow users to control their PC remotely from their iPhone or iPod, and not by showing the PC screen on the device - like other applications do -, but by permitting the user to take control of the mouse and keyboard of the computer. This eliminates the need for a fast Internet connection, as the data transferred between the iPhone and the computer is minimal. In order to use it, one must download a program for the computer and an app for the iPhone/iPod. The computer program is free, but the app is not.

I am going to talk about the iPhone app first, as it is the one the user actually works with when using the program. There are two ways of using the mouse - the first, and the most simple, involves sliding your finger throughout the iPhone screen in the direction where you want the cursor to go, while the mouse buttons are located at the bottom of the screen. The other way to use the mouse is with the help of an accelerometer that comes with the iPhone, tilting the device in the direction you want the cursor to go. In this case, the screen looks like a real mouse and the buttons are located accordingly. In both cases a scroll wheel is provided, and it works pretty well. Both ways work perfectly, although I find that the former more practical than the latter - in order to activate the keyboard, the user must shake the iPhone until the keyboard shows up. Then, one just needs to touch the keys in order to input data into the PC.

Apart from these features, one is also able to directly launch programs from the app by touching the upper-right corner of the keyboard, making a new "window" pop up with a list of programs installed on the PC, as well as a music controller, a web explorer controller, and a presentation controller. The settings in the app itself allow the user to modify a variety of parameters, including the frequency of the connection, the sound, and the sleep timer, among others, in order to make it easier for the user to handle the app.

The PC program contains more settings that the user can adjust, such as the pointer speed (for both the air motion and the touch motion modes), the port through which the connection will be made, a password setup for security issues, a hot key setup, a scroll speed setup, and the list of programs that appear in the app when you want to launch any installed software directly.

All in all, an extremely useful program that is also really easy to setup and use, even for inexperienced users.

In order to buy the application, it is necessary to have iTunes installed on the PC to be able to enter the App Store, download the app, and then send it to the iPod Touch or iPhone. This can also be done directly by entering the App Store from the device itself, and downloading and installing the application directly into the iPod Touch/iPhone. A more detailed review of the PC server of this application can be found at

Gianfranco Grillo
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  • Easy to use
  • Great connection speed
  • Useful for a wide variety of functions


  • Air motion is not very practical
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